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Rockin’ The Nations Inc. was established in 2009 and is committed to ‘BUILDING A PEOPLE OF PURPOSE WITH A PASSION FOR HIS PRESENCE’


Our church has 3 MAIN FOCUSES. Each focus has a big dose of worship and intercession, which for us, holds everything together and gives everything its uniqueness! As you read through each of these focuses, you will see that they are to help you to have a great relationship with God and others, as well as empower you to walk with victory and purpose!


The best relationship in life is to know God! We want you to ENCOUNTER GOD…really ENCOUNTER HIM! We want you to hear His voice as you learn to talk to Him. We want you to experience His presence! We want you to know Him not just learn about Him! We want you to be transformed by Him. Encountering God is the joy of life, it is the foundation that makes everything else so much clearer.
Encountering His Presence is our passion! We value the presence of God and not just information about Him. We don’t enjoy just reading emails from our friends, we want to meet with them. This is our same desire with God! We want to meet Him. As we soak in His presence there is deliverance, healing, direction, impartation, empowerment, and finding His heart. That’s what the First Commandment says to do in Matthew 22:37-39!
We call our monthly night of worship gathering ENCOUNTER WORSHIP and our mid-week gathering, TEAM NIGHT, and each of these gatherings are outlets of that passion. We want them to be full of passion, intimacy, excitement, energy, and praise for our awesome God! We desire His presence in our service. For this reason we don’t get in a hurry in our worship times. If God shows up we stay…that is the main reason we come to Church!
A powerful dynamic happens when believers come together in a large group to declare how much they love God! Being a Christian is the best thing that can happen to a person. Our God is a great God who is full of life! There is nothing dead about Him! Our gatherings are a time to point people to God which will then help them through the circumstances of life.


You were created for relationships and purpose…every person was created for a reason. Everyone has gifts, and a purpose. Everyone has been assigned a mission. Everyone can make a difference. Everyone can find and fulfill their destiny. Discovering your purpose gives meaning in life. Every person has a God-given purpose as to why they are alive. We believe church should be a place to discover your purpose. It is our desire to help you find it!
We take seriously God’s command to make disciples and not just converts! Our Sunday Messages, our Small Group Bible Studies, are all designed to not just give your Biblical information but help you obtain Biblical transformation by applying His principles in our lives!
We have found that team night one of the best ways to grow and connect with others. Because we were created as social people. We were created to have deep satisfying relationships with others. Hurt, betrayal, and offenses often mar these relationships but we will never experience all that life has to offer without them. This is why we have team night – to grow relationships with others. We want connect to others! We desire honesty, authenticity, and transparency. We desire a place to share needs, words, and ministry.
Connecting to others means there is no pretending. Connecting to others means looking forward to meeting people again. Connecting to others means sharing joys and pain. Connecting to others means you have each other’s back. Connecting to others means your relationship doesn’t depend on performance. Connecting to others means have friends that can be as close as family. Connecting to others gives the richness of life. This is God’s desire too, the Second Commandment, also in Matthew 22:37-39!
We get to know and minister to each other and grow as Christians together. Where would we be without close friends who we can share our lives with in pursuit of God?
Team nights/Small group were a vital part of the first century Church. Acts 20:20, “You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you but I have taught you publicly and from house to house.” We all love to visit our friend’s house, so we decided to do the same thing with our groups. We visit with each other and fellowship around the person of Jesus. It’s a return to the simplicity of the Bible. We have found that team nights bring quick development of friends, individual pastoral care, sharing, and an outlet to show compassion to others.


Jesus calls us not to live for ourselves, but to live for others. By reaching up to Him and trusting Him, He gives us His heart and His compassion for others. Christ empowers us through His Spirit to go out and not only preach the Gospel, but to serve and love others.
It is our desire and goal to help every person in our church fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20) in our community by providing many opportunities for CONNECTING PEOPLE who do not attend a local church. We encourage people to be GOING and inviting their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to attend church and small group ministries so they will hear the Good News of God’s forgiveness in Christ and understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
In addition to the sharing the Gospel with our community, we have a desire to take this message to a world in need of our compassion as well as prophetic protest against evil. The church can never settle for its own comfort in a world wracked by problems such as moral decay, political corruption and oppression, violence and crime, unjust resource use and wealth distribution, and other social scourges that require solutions and interventions informed by Scriptural imperatives. Without manipulating political power to impose Christian standards on a secular and pluralistic society, the church is commanded to act a conscience to the world by demonstrating the love and righteousness of God in both word and sacrificial deed.
It is our desire as individuals and a corporate church body to strategically be change-agents in these seven cultural spheres of society: 1) Business, 2) Government, 3) Media, 4) Arts and Entertainment, 5) Education, 6) Family, and 7) Religion.


The scripture “I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the LORD Almighty” (Haggai 2:7 NIV) is what this ministry is based upon and RTN knows that God will use them to shake the nations and make a change in the world.

If you would like to visit Rockin’ The Nations Ministries in Spartanburg, SC , you can view their address and phone number on the Contact Us page.